{Photograph by Joke Vande Gaer}

My SHIMTOKK partner, Joke, is the queen of confetti. When we were working on developing our PACKAGING 101 workshops I knew I wanted to incorporate Joke's confetti gift tags. She used pretty translucent circle stickers (you can find some in my TAG SALE) and manila gift tags. Such a simple way to turn a plain package in to a pretty package.



{Photographs by Sally J Shim}

Thanks for all the love we received regarding our Meant To Be Calligraphy & SHIMTOKK collaboration. We are excited to see how you use the beautiful calligraphed goodies to brighten up your holiday packages. We thought we would show you a few ways to use our printables. If you're new to the wonderful world of printables here are a few helpful hints.

P R I N T A B L E  T I P S

1. Download our Meant To Be Calligraphy for SHIMTOKK printables here.

2. The file is nine pages and contains calligraphed gift tags/labels and cards as well as other calligraphed phrases that you can use for a variety of purposes. 

3. For the cards and gift tags we like to print on heavy white or kraft cardstock which you can find at your local paper supply store. For the gift labels we print on white sticker paper which is available at office supply stores.

4. If you do not have a printer at home take the file to your local print shop and they can make copies for you. If you are printing from home make sure your print quality is on the highest setting for the best results.

5. If you want mini gift tags/labels or cards fiddle around with the print size in your printer options (e.g., booklet style, shrink file options).

6. Once everything is printed trim the gift tags/labels and cards with a paper cutter or X-acto knife. 

7. For the gift tags or labels  trim the top angled edge to make a rectangular gift tag or label.

H O L I D A Y  T R E A T  L A B E L  T U T O R I A L

1. Download our Meant To Be Calligraphy for SHIMTOKK printables here.

2. Print your favorite holiday gift tag/label on to white sticker paper.

3. Cut out the gift label and trim the top angled edge using a straight edge as a guide.

4. Unpeel backing of label and place it on a kraft cookie bag (you can find these on line with a quick search) or glass bottle (the one we used is from Ikea).

5. For the cookie bag: fill the bag with your favorite holiday sweet treats, close bag and tie a ribbon around the top.

6. For the glass bottle: fill the glass bottle with apple cider or your favorite beverage.



{Photographs by Sally J Shim}

One of our favorite things about SHIMTOKK is being able to collaborate with one another (who doesn't love working with friends?) as well as with other creatives. We love the beautiful hand lettering of Meant To Be Calligraphy so we approached Michele about a holiday collaboration. We were thrilled when she agreed and we think you are going to love what we put together for you. Michele sent us some festive calligraphy phrases and Joke worked her magic and turned them in to pretty holiday cards, gift tags and labels. With the holidays fast approaching we could all use some pretty packaging inspiration. You can download your Meant To Be Calligraphy for SHIMTOKK printables right here. Over the next few weeks we will be showing several different ways to use these beautiful calligraphed holiday goodies. A big THANK YOU to Michele for being so lovely to work with!


{Knot & Bow}

As you know we're big fans of twine for creating pretty packages. And we're so excited about Knot & Bow's glitter twine. We can think of a hundred ways to incorporate this beautiful metallic twine into our holiday packaging. You can also find other pretty packaging supplies in Knot & Bow's online shop.




Neutral and natural packaging supplies, like these Midori kraft envelopes, provide the perfect base for a pretty packaging project. You can find them at the new online lifestyle store MUHS HOME.




{Photograph by Sally J Shim}

Sally posted about how to make your own frayed linen ribbon earlier this year over at SALLYJSHIM but we thought it would be fun to revisit here at SHIMTOKK. 


1. Strip of linen

2. Pin or needle


1. Cut a strip of linen to the appropriate length.

2. Begin fraying the edges by removing thread from the long sides of the fabric [You can use a pin or needle to pick up the thread].

3. When you have the desired amount of fringe, stop and tie around package in a bow or double knot.



We are so excited to share about our first collaboration with one of our favorite chefs out there. Ashley Rodriguez authors the wonderful food blog, Not Without Salt and we were thrilled when she asked us to design some goodies to go along with her brilliant Random Acts of Cookies movement. If you're not familiar with Random Acts of Cookies you can read more about it here. Joke designed the branding along with a printable recipe card (Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars, anyone?), gift tags, gift labels and cookie bag pins. You can download the recipe card and gift tags over at Not Without Salt and the gift labels and cookie bag pins right here and here.

{Photographs by Sally J Shim}

There are so many options for packaging with these printables. The little note can be used as a gift tag (cut out, hole punched) or note card (cut and placed inside a glassine envelope). For the cookie bag pins you can print them on to cardstock, cut them out, make two slits on the front of a bag and slip it in. You can print the gift labels on to white sticker paper, cut them out and seal boxes or bags with them. We hope you have fun playing around with the paper goods and giving friends and neighbors some sweet treats. We're planning to bake up a batch of Ashley's Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars to give to some of our favorite teachers.

{Photographs by Not Without Salt}